Vacation Pet Care Plans

It’s summertime, time to pack up and head for the beach! As you and your family may be leaving your home for a period of time, your pets will need to be taken care of. Making the right decisions for your pet while you are gone is important, and here are a few main issues to consider.

If you are going to be gone for a week or more, you should definitely try to hire a pet sitter, or even ask a neighbor or family member to come in and check on your pet. Ask them to drop by once or twice a day to fill food and water bowls and just to make sure your pets haven’t gotten into any trouble. Especially if you have very young or very old pets, separation anxiety can make them very upset with you if you leave them too long unaccounted for. Even cats, which people seem to think enjoy being alone more than with humans, still miss their owners and get lonely. It’s preferable to choose a person who has already met your pet or pets, and therefore, is another familiar face to your animals. If not, then before you leave for vacation you should invite the pet sitter over to meet your pets.

In addition, make sure the pet sitter or trusted person is equipped with all of the phone numbers for your veterinarian or another emergency contact in case they need someone else to check on your pet one day.

Try not to board your animals unless you are left with no other choice. The combination of your departure and a new environment with other strange animals can be very overwhelming to your pets. However, boarding your pets is a better choice than leaving them at your house alone for an extended period of time without any supervision. Making these decisions is never easy, but you should always keep your pets’ interests in mind when you plan your trip.

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