Traveling With Pets: Comfort the Animals

No matter how safe you can make your car for your traveling furry friend, chances are that your pet may still be uncomfortable and anxious about the car trip. Here are a few tips on how to keep your pet as comfortable as possible during the drive.

Safety always comes first. See our previous post about Travel Safety with pets in the car. Just like you secure all humans in your car, you need to secure your pets so that they do not get knocked around by all the turns and stops. Also, do not ever leave your pet inside of a parked car while you are away from it.

Try not to change any other part of your pets lifestyle besides the new location of your travels. This means keeping their same food, as well as trying to keep the same hours for feeding, walking and sleeping. Bring along their favorite toys to set in their crate. Also have plenty of water stored in a jug for a long journey, as water is expensive and sometimes difficult to come by when you are driving. Take a driving break every few hours to let your pet walk around and drink water.

Despite how calm your pets may normally be, the change of surroundings can easily make your pets anxious and scared. Don’t be sharp or rude if they are acting unusually, but try to comfort them as much as you can for a more enjoyable vacation for all.

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