Traveling With Pets: Car Safety Precautions

Are you taking your pet on vacation with you? Have you taken your pets into your vehicle before? Now that it is summer, more and more people bring their pets with them for long car trips. If you are not careful, traveling with a pet can be dangerous for the driver, the pet, and anyone else in the vehicle. Make sure you know what is best for your car and your pet.

For smaller pets, putting them in a travel crate is the easiest way to travel. Don’t put them in the trunk because there is little air circulation, so either buckle up the crate into an empty seat or set the crate in the back of the car, never in the passenger seat with the airbags. Also, there are many pet booster seats on the market, so you can research these products to see if it would be a smart purchase for you and your pet.

If you have a bigger pet like a large dog, don’t let it roam freely around in the back of the car. Avoid putting them up in the passenger seat with the driver too. Any big animal can obstruct your view through through windows and mirrors, and be dangerous to your driving. Buckle the dog into a seat or get it to lay down on a bed in the back of the car and out of the driver’s way.

Never leave your pet in a stopped car for an extended amount of time. Even cracking the windows does not get much new air circulating in your car. If at all possible, take your pets with you when you leave the car. Otherwise, take your animal out of the car at least once while you are stopped so that it can get some fresh air.

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