Table Scraps Can Be Dangerous Foods For Dogs

Many families find it commonplace for their dog to be allowed to eat the scraps of food dropped from the table, or even handed over to the dog by the children. Not only does allowing a dog to eat from your table have the potential to become a lifelong habit of it begging for food, but it can be bad for your dog’s health as well. Here are but a few dangers to your dog should you decide to drop them under the table.

Caffeine and sugary foods, like coffee, tea, or chocolate, affect your pet’s heart and nervous system, an and a large amount of caffeine in any form could be deadly.

Onions and garlic, because of the sulfoxides, can be very toxic to dogs (and cats).

Dogs should not eat cat food, and vice versa. There are key differences in the proteins and fats between the two formulas. If you have both pets in your house, be sure to keep separate bowls of food in different areas of the kitchen to prevent this mix-up.

Dairy products and milk are a tricky topic. Depending on your breed of dog, some can break down the lactose in milk better than others. Be careful not to give too much dairy to any pet, as it can cause diarrhea. See if any of your local pet stores carry lactose-free items for your pets.

As with any other human or creature, do not give your dogs any spoiled or moldy food. There are too many potential toxins and consequences.

Do not make the mistake of assuming your dogs can eat your scraps and leftovers. Always keep an eye on any food that falls on the floor by mistake, and try to prevent your dog from eating it. It’s just as important for your pets to have a healthy and balanced meal as it is for you.


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