More Summer Pet Care

There are so many things to consider when watching out for your pets’ safety. Summertime and the outdoors poses other dangers to pets that some indoor pets may not encounter during the other seasons. Here are a few more tips to be safe during the summer, and be sure to check out the previous article on summer pet care.

Keep your pets indoors and away from any fertilizers, pesticides, or other lawn treatments if you are planning on having your lawn cared for. The chemicals in these treatments, if ingested, can make any animal very sick. Be sure to wait the appropriate amount of time before taking your pets back into that area of land to prevent accidental ingestion.

If your dog or cat is long-haired, consider taking them in to get a shorter trim. All of that fur keeps your animals warmer than any human during the summer, so giving them a bit of a relief with a hair cut is a great way to keep your animal cool and happy.

Pests like fleas and ticks are wildly abundant in the summertime, so you should research the local pests in your area. Consider purchasing a home cream treatment prevention for your animals or talk to your veterinarian about any medications. If your pet picks up any of these pests, it’s very likely they will carry them into your home and put you and your family in danger of the pests too.

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