Meet Your Match

About The ASPCA’s Meet Your Match Program:

Every time you adopt a pet, you save the life of another orphaned animal.  The Meet Your Match® Program developed by the ASPCA® makes finding you a great companion easier than ever before!

It’s simple but it has science behind it. The program uses proven behavior assessments to predict how a shelter dog, puppy, or cat may initially behave in his or her new home. The animal assessments are used with adopter surveys to better match adopters with animals.

According to the ASPCA:

“You could be gazing at the animal of your dreams, but you just can’t tell what she’s thinking behind that furry face. What if you knew a little something about her personality and habits before you moved in together? The ASPCA’s Meet Your Match program wouldn’t let you go home without knowing who’s in that carrier or on that leash. MYM is the only method in existence today that evaluates an animal’s behavior and interests and matches them to an adopter’s preferences so that you take home a pet you can really click with.

Shelters who want to implement the Meet Your Match® Adoption Program:

Any animal shelter or animal organization can adopt the Meet Your Match® program copyrighted by the ASPCA and use it to enhance your own animal adoption program. You can order the training guide(s) from the ASPCA:

Order the Canine-ality™ Adoption Program and Instructional Video
Order the Feline-ality™ Adoption Program and Instructional Video
Order the SAFER™ Program and Instructional Video

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