How To Integrate MYM Survey

Shelters who want to integrate our online survey: will provide the Meet Your Match on-line survey FREE of charge to any interested SPCA or animal shelter. Here are the guidelines for integrating the survey to your website:

  • Your organization must use the MYM program. Without classifying animals using MYM guidelines, our survey is meaningless
  • Provide a primary contact, email address and logo image
  • You include a link to the URL we provide on each page that mentions the Meet Your Match program
  • You include a link to the URL we provide on pages that display adoptable cats and dogs
  • Allow sponsors and display ads on the initial and final pages of your survey
  • Agree to’s terms of service & privacy policy concerning your shelter organization and your prospective pet adopters

We also offer an ad-free version of the survey and an i-frame version as well.

If you would like to make changes or customize the survey for your specific shelter, just ask! (Charges will incur for any customization.)

For more information, contact us at

Take a demonstration survey here: Demo Online Adopter Survey