Challenges Facing Your Local Pet Shelter

Animal shelters are very busy places, with new animals coming in all the time and low adoption rates affecting the number of animals they can keep. It is an unfortunate reality that there is more supply than demand of these pets in need of an owner, and there is only so much your local shelter can provide for these animals. According to the Humane Society of the United States, about 6-8 million cats and dogs find their way into animal shelters or humane societies per year, and they are forced to put down about half that number, 3-4 million, a year. Every shelter or organization operates on different regulations when it comes to euthanizing animals, but it is a terrible thought that it has to happen at all.

If you are considering adopting a pet, or know someone who is interested, do not hesitate to visit your local shelter and spend time with the animals there. Your future best friend may be there, waiting to be adopted, so don’t let too much time pass! You never can guarantee that the same pet will be there upon your next return.

For more information about euthanization or just general humane society regulations, click here to read about HSUS and animal shelters.

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