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Beach Dogs

My family is at the beach this week, and while we did not bring along our one year old puppy, there are many families that do bring their dogs to the beach. With the fresh air, warm sand, and cool

Traveling With Pets: Comfort the Animals

No matter how safe you can make your car for your traveling furry friend, chances are that your pet may still be uncomfortable and anxious about the car trip. Here are a few tips on how to keep your pet

Traveling With Pets: Car Safety Precautions

Are you taking your pet on vacation with you? Have you taken your pets into your vehicle before? Now that it is summer, more and more people bring their pets with them for long car trips. If you are not

Pet Travel

There are many complications and frustrations when taking your pet traveling with you. Whether it’s down the road, or on the plane, your first and foremost worries should be your pet’s safety and happiness. Some pets will not ever like