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Table Scraps Can Be Dangerous Foods For Dogs

Many families find it commonplace for their dog to be allowed to eat the scraps of food dropped from the table, or even handed over to the dog by the children. Not only does allowing a dog to eat from

Pesky Pet Problems: Ringworm

Make no mistake- ringworm is not a worm but a fungus. And your cats, dogs, or even rabbits can contract it just as easily as humans. Take care to watch your pet carefully when it is exposed to other animals

Pet First Aid

I am all about pet health this week, and I have been researching many things that I did not know before as a pet owner. Luckily I have never had a pet of mine receive a bad injury like a

Sensitive Pets

Caring for a pet is challenging enough sometimes, but with certain animals you could also have more specific needs to cater towards. Our dog at home has quite a sensitive stomach, which means that we have to pay more attention

Pesky Pet Problems: Ticks

Just like fleas, ticks are so irritatingly common and are capable of bringing diseases to your dog or cat, especially if they are an outdoor pet. You should check your pets for ticks on a regular basis. If you notice

Pesky Pet Problems: Fleas

There is not much worse than having your pet bring fleas into the household. In the fall when everyone wants to spend the day outside with their dogs, those pesky critters latch on and can bring your pet and your

Is De-Clawing Your Cat Really A Good Idea?

Most cat owners know the shredded results of their furniture once a cat has put its claws to use; it is by no means a small annoyance. De-clawing your cat seems like an easy solution, but do not make this

Why Spay or Neuter?

As adorable as kittens and puppies are, every pet owner needs to take into serious consideration the spaying and neutering of their animals. Some people believe that this is an inhumane process, but the biggest benefit is that there won’t