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Challenges Facing Your Local Pet Shelter

Animal shelters are very busy places, with new animals coming in all the time and low adoption rates affecting the number of animals they can keep. It is an unfortunate reality that there is more supply than demand of these

Adopting A Pet: Family Decisions

Adopting a pet for the entire family requires even more decision-making than if you were going to adopt a pet by yourself. It may seem that the more people at home to care for the pet will be a benefit,

Adopting A Pet: Living Arrangements

If you’ve decided to adopt a pet and bring a new friend into your life, then there are things you should take care of prior to visiting your local adoption center. The most important of all these tasks is adjusting

Adopting A Pet: Am I Ready?

Are you suited for pet adoption? Are there many questions running through your head as you contemplate bringing a new friend and companion into your life? It can be overwhelming to search the internet, read books from the library, and

Questions To Think About Before Pet Adoption

I stumbled upon a great article on the Humane Society’s website today and thought I would share it with everyone here. Entitled “What to Consider Before Adopting a Pet”, it clearly outlines many important questions a potential pet owner should

Integrating Cats and Dogs

Just recently we introduced a puppy into our household, which meant that the 7 week old lab was inspected thoroughly by our three older house cats. Even now they are wary and cautious of one another, and so I thought

Purebred Adoption

Does a purebred pedigree matter to you? Many people assume that adopting a cat from an animal shelter will mean that it is lacking a pedigree, a rescued street cat. Well, this may be the case, but there are also

The Rewards of Pet Adoption

Though there are many different reasons to bring a pet into your home, one fact remains the same: there is something about the companionship between a pet and its owner that cannot be found in other relationships in one’s life.