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Pesky Pet Problems: Ringworm

Make no mistake- ringworm is not a worm but a fungus. And your cats, dogs, or even rabbits can contract it just as easily as humans. Take care to watch your pet carefully when it is exposed to other animals

When You Have To Put Your Pet Up For Adoption

Are you on the other side of adoption, looking for a home to deliver your beloved pet? Keeping a pet is a long term dedication, and some times your lifestyle has to change and there is no longer room for

The Pet Personality Test For People

Ever defined yourself as a “dog person” or a “cat person”? Did you imply something about your personality behind this statement? Well, some studies have shown that this is a more accurate statement than most people actually believe. A psychologist

Cats: Indoor Or Outdoor Pets?

If you’re keeping a cat as a pet, the decision of whether or not to let the cat outdoors is a popular debate item. I know as many indoor cats as I do outdoor cats, and have found that the

Integrating Cats and Dogs

Just recently we introduced a puppy into our household, which meant that the 7 week old lab was inspected thoroughly by our three older house cats. Even now they are wary and cautious of one another, and so I thought

Is De-Clawing Your Cat Really A Good Idea?

Most cat owners know the shredded results of their furniture once a cat has put its claws to use; it is by no means a small annoyance. De-clawing your cat seems like an easy solution, but do not make this

Purebred Adoption

Does a purebred pedigree matter to you? Many people assume that adopting a cat from an animal shelter will mean that it is lacking a pedigree, a rescued street cat. Well, this may be the case, but there are also