Caring For Your Pets When Disaster Strikes

It is hurricane season. Do you have a plan for your pets?

I’d like to remind pet owners everywhere to think about your family’s disaster plans. Do they include what to do about your pets? According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, pets every year are abandoned, neglected, or lost when families have to evacuate their homes. Even if you think you may only be gone for a few hours during a storm or disaster, bringing your pets with you ensures their safety and well-being. If you think you will be gone for a while, talk to your veterinarian about assembling a travel pack of items needed for pet care. Also, make sure your pets can be identified, whether by collars or microchips or the like, just in case they are lost after a disaster.

The AVMA has a wonderful pamphlet about all of this information and more, downloadable for free at their website. Click here to read and inform yourself about the right choices you should make to ensure your pets’ safety.

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