Beach Dogs

My family is at the beach this week, and while we did not bring along our one year old puppy, there are many families that do bring their dogs to the beach. With the fresh air, warm sand, and cool ocean, it can be a fun environment for your dog and your family to all play together outside, but make sure you are aware of some of the dangers of the beach. Don’t ruin your family’s or someone else’s beach vacation by forgetting some beach tips and rules.

Is your beach a dog-friendly location? Some beaches have even banned dogs and other pets at this point due to past irresponsible pet owners. If your beach does not allow pets, consider leaving your dog at home or keeping your dog off the beach by walking it on safer back roads and neighborhoods.

If your dog is allowed on the beach, remember that a new location can either excite or intimidate your dog. The beach can be a very crowded place, and if your dog is not comfortable with many people, or perhaps gets too excited around strangers, you may want wait until the beach is less crowded before taking your dog outside.

Don’t be an irresponsible pet owner in a public place: remember simple courtesies that will make everyone happier. Always bring along a poop scooper with you, and clean up after your dog promptly. Also, check up on leash laws and make sure your dog has a proper leash just in case the beach is leash-only. Even if it isn’t, you should bring it with you just in case your dog gets too out of control.

Lastly, keep an eye on your dog’s health and happiness. Hot beach sand can burn your dog’s feet just as easily as it can burn your own feet. In addition, some dogs may enjoy the ocean while others may be afraid of swimming in the fast-moving surf, so don’t force your dogs to swim if they are not interested. And finally, whenever your dog shows signs of fatigue, call it a day and treat your dog to some fresh water and a nap indoors.

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