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Table Scraps Can Be Dangerous Foods For Dogs

Many families find it commonplace for their dog to be allowed to eat the scraps of food dropped from the table, or even handed over to the dog by the children. Not only does allowing a dog to eat from

Challenges Facing Your Local Pet Shelter

Animal shelters are very busy places, with new animals coming in all the time and low adoption rates affecting the number of animals they can keep. It is an unfortunate reality that there is more supply than demand of these

Caring For Your Pets When Disaster Strikes

It is hurricane season. Do you have a plan for your pets? I’d like to remind pet owners everywhere to think about your family’s disaster plans. Do they include what to do about your pets? According to the American Veterinary

Pesky Pet Problems: Ringworm

Make no mistake- ringworm is not a worm but a fungus. And your cats, dogs, or even rabbits can contract it just as easily as humans. Take care to watch your pet carefully when it is exposed to other animals

Beach Dogs

My family is at the beach this week, and while we did not bring along our one year old puppy, there are many families that do bring their dogs to the beach. With the fresh air, warm sand, and cool

Traveling With Pets: Comfort the Animals

No matter how safe you can make your car for your traveling furry friend, chances are that your pet may still be uncomfortable and anxious about the car trip. Here are a few tips on how to keep your pet

Traveling With Pets: Car Safety Precautions

Are you taking your pet on vacation with you? Have you taken your pets into your vehicle before? Now that it is summer, more and more people bring their pets with them for long car trips. If you are not

Vacation Pet Care Plans

It’s summertime, time to pack up and head for the beach! As you and your family may be leaving your home for a period of time, your pets will need to be taken care of. Making the right decisions for

More Summer Pet Care

There are so many things to consider when watching out for your pets’ safety. Summertime and the outdoors poses other dangers to pets that some indoor pets may not encounter during the other seasons. Here are a few more tips

Summer Pet Care

As summertime swiftly approaches, the warm air and sunshine is a welcome change. Spending time outside with your dog or other pet is a great way for you to relax. However, if problems are to arise, you should be prepared